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Forex Trading Pathway -

Pathways for Stock/Share CFD Trading

TradingLounge Guide for Forex Traders

Elliott wave Charts – FOREX ANALYSIS

Education and Strategies for Forex Analysis – EDUCATION

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Forex Analysis

Elliott Wave Charts - Major pairs AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, CADUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF and Dollar Index.

Updated London open + New York close.

Intraday/1 Hour - updated daily, 
4 Hour - updated daily, 
and Weekly.


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1. Forex Analysis

Follow the links to better understand what we use every day: Elliott Wave and Trading Levels.

Both of these Technical Analysis approaches are standout offerings to our Members

2. Forex Strategies

easier to make lots of small profits rather than one big one!
This Forex Scalping Course incorporating strategy, money management and
trading plan aims to do just that by creating clear achievable daily
1. Forex Scalping Strategy
- Recognising the Trade Set Up

- Entering the trade long or short at the correct price

- Placing the Initial stop at the correct price

- Tools for trailing and protecting the trade

- Exact price to take profit for each trade

2. Money Management Trading Plan for Scalping Forex

This is partly discretional but within clearly defined mechanical limits and the rest of the plan is clear and straight forward.

3. TradingLevels Scalping – Sample with both EURUSD & AUDUSD.
- Your aim is towards simple, very small profits.

- You will work with a financial plan that will increase contracts not pips.

- You will develop a real understanding of how to work with price.

- Your aim is to develop total control of the trade

3. Become a more Disciplined Trader

Get your mind and emotions under control with one of these commentaries: Mindful Trader
Treat your trading like a business, keep your records with your Trading Journal.