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Indices Trading Pathway -
Pathways for Indices CFD Traders

TradingLounge Guide for Indices Traders

At TradingLounge here’s what we’ve got for you:

US, UK/Euro, Australian Indices Analysis Videos and Charts – INDICES ANALYSIS

Education for Indices Trading – EDUCATION

TradingLevels Charting downloadable software to help your analysis – TRADING LEVELS CHARTING

Lots of your immediate questions will be answered in the tabs below!

We’re here to help you out if you need it.  Just GET IN TOUCH

How to

Get Trading


Daily Analysis


In Australia wake up to a market wrap of the international and night markets and their possible impact.

Prepare for the day ahead in the European and the US markets.

Monday - Friday 7.30 AM (AEDT) UTC/GMT +10 CHART updates every day: SP500, DAX

Three daily VIDEO reports covering:

- US Indices - DJI, SP500, NASDAQ

- Euro Indices - FTSE100, DAX, IBEX, Stoxx50, AEX, CAC

- Australian Index - ASX 200 / XJO

DON'T MISS OUT: Make sure to watch and listen to these video reports as they are full of real, live education and an easy way to become familiar with Peter Mather's analysis and trading concepts!

If you choose, you can get Notifications when these are updated via your mobile and desktop browsers. You can do this when prompted after login. You can opt out at any time.


1. Indices Analysis Education

Follow the links to better understand what we use every day: Elliott Wave and Trading Levels.

Both of these Technical Analysis approaches are standout offerings to our Members

2. Indices Strategies

At TradingLounge we only risk 1% of capital per trade with an account under 30K. If you go above this, your chances of being successful will diminish.

can be Discretionary or Mechanical. If you're not master of your emotions when trading, (and that is very hard!) the Mechanical Strategies give you the detachment you need.

Follow the links to better understand what we use Robo and Switch.

3. Become a more Disciplined Trader

Get your mind and emotions under control with one of these commentaries: Mindful Trader

Treat your trading like a business, keep your records with your Trading Journal.


1. Trading Levels Charting Software

TradingLevels charting program is a downloadable application for your desktop. Improve your trading by using the TradingLevels! It has lots of tools to help your Equities analysis. START HERE