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What Should I Trade? -

Trade the easiest and most profitable markets

To be blunt,
the hardest markets to trade are Forex and Indices intraday, they require an intense knowledge that new traders simply don’t possess, then there is your full attention to focus to maintain consistently during the volatile periods. Intraday traders think they can control the risk better, but the rewards are small and you really have to have your numbers in order, intraday trading takes an intense energy.

The money is in the trend, extracting it is the trick.
First a nice long strong trend will make extracting profit easier. Sure longer term trends can be found in any market, but which are the smooth easy going trends that aren’t too choppy. For me that’s in stock trends and not intraday but end of day. It’s difficult to digest what just occurred intraday, but end of day gives your mind time to understand what occurred and how you handle the situation, end of day trading happens slowly one price bar at a time, you can be in the experience longer, long enough to learn more about the whole trading experience.