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Technical Analysis - Elliott Wave, Trading Levels & Volume

Elliott wave, tradinglevels and volume.

Knowing the market direction
Elliott wave pattern recognition is the only analysis that can link all the patterns, of all degrees of structure together to form a readable language of the past and creating a pathway well into the future.
Applying Elliott wave to your trading period is perfect as you only need to understand that a direction either up or down moves in five waves and corrections or counter trends moves in three waves, this means the direction is knowable and confirmable.

Trade Setup, entry, stop and profit, refined.
TradingLevels refines the timing of entries, finds the safest stop without sacrificing the risk reward ratio, the levels frame the markets trends and corrections, as support and resistance price points and of course these price points are where the volume builds. knowing when to get in, where to place the stop and when to get out is what the tradinglevels deliver and with the Elliott wave showing you the trend direction.

Knowing the trend direction from Elliott wave and the supports and resistances from tradinglevels what volume offers is trend and correction confirmation. A direction, a trend, requires increasing volume a correction, counter trend requires less volume. See our Volume course, it’s simple and valuable.

Peter Mathers