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Module 1 TradingLevels Price Table -

Understanding the TradingLevels price table

There is no point in going any further until you understand how the Major, Medium and Minor TradingLevels work together.

The TradingLevels are partly based on Fibonacci’s Golden Mean, the ratio .618. We apply this ratio as price, such as 1, 2, 3, 5, 8…as cents, dollars and values. A market tends expand and contract within this price ratio. Numbers also contain a psychological element, which in turn acts to strengthen these price levels as support and resistance in a very practical way.

The TradingLevels can be applied to macro or micro price frames, that is using them for long term, medium term and short term intraday trading, or micro robot trading. It is simply applying the mathematics of this ratio to price. Add a little more science to your trading!

Here is the basic TradingLevels Table. Day trading and Forex require a more detailed table but understand this first as it does apply.