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Lesson One – Introduction To Elliott Wave Theory (EWT)

A Short History
A Word Of Caution
Why It Matters

Lesson Two – Cycles, Patterns, And Waves

A Deeper Look
Rules Governing Motive Waves
Diagonals, Ending Diagonals, and Leading Diagonals
Rules Governing Corrective Waves
Zigzag Patterns
Flat Patterns
Triangle Patterns
Practice Makes Perfect

Lesson Three – Wave Formation

General Guidelines
Unlocking The Mysteries Of Orthodoxy
More On Wave Function And Wave Mode
Understanding Alternation
Alternation Inside Corrective Waves
Forecasting Corrective Waves
Forecasting Beyond A Fifth Wave Extension

Lesson Four – Wave Channels

Channeling Basics
What Are Throw-Overs & Throw-Unders?
Keeping Control Of Scale
Using Volume
Back To The Importance Of Counting

Lesson Five – Other Wave Characteristics (Wave “Personality”)

Idealized Wave Progression
Wave 1
Wave 2
Wave 3
Wave 4
Wave 5
Idealized Corrective Wave
Wave A
Wave B
Wave C
The Difference Between Rules And Guidelines

Lesson Six – Putting Theory Into Practice

Practical Application – Predicting Magnitude
Practical Application – Forecasting

Lesson Seven – Leonardo Fibonacci And Elliott Wave Theory

Introducing The Golden Ratio
The Golden Section
The Golden Rectangle
The Golden Spiral

Lesson Eight – Phi And Thee

The Meaning of Phi
And That Brings Us Back To Elliott

Lesson Nine – Putting Phi To Work For You

Phi And The Market
Phi And Growth
It’s All About Probabilities
Retracements And Extensions
Impulse Waves
Fibonacci Ratio Relationships To Keep In Mind
Corrective Waves
Zigzag Fibonacci Ratio Relationships To Keep In Mind
Flat Fibonacci Relationships To Keep In Mind
Expanded Flat Fibonacci Ratio Relationships To Keep In Mind
Running Flat Fibonacci Ratio Relationships To Keep In Mind
Double Three
Double Three Fibonacci Ratio Relationships To Keep In Mind
Triple Three
Triple Three Fibonacci Ratio Relationships To Keep In Mind
What Does It All Mean?



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