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Develop a Strong & Flexible Mind Copy -

Going off the road in a car often happens because of drunkeness.  If you have lost control of a trade it may be because you are ‘drunk’ on greed!

Thoughts and feelings of attachment, greed, anger and ego are all negative and based on fear.  If they continually arrive on the scene while you are trading they will definitely create havoc in your trading performance.
As a trader, you can choose to either give up or think it out and change your habits!
Understand the relationships between the mind, intellect and the subconscious.  By using the intellect to consciously direct the thoughts and feeling in the mind, patterns of behaviour are experienced, learned and enter the subconscious as habits.
Developing the right trading habits will help you in your trading by allowing your subconsious to take over
These good trading habits can help you in times of high emotion as you will automatically know and enact the right responses and strategies if you have formed the habits strongly enough.