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Elliott Wave Certificate -

The purpose of this course is to give you a broad understanding of the Elliott Wave Principle and its use as an analytic tool. As you work your way through this course, you’ll be tested on the following, to demonstrate your knowledge, understanding and proficiency:

• The conceptual basis of the Elliott Wave Principle, including how it relates and interconnects with the Fibonacci sequence, fractals, and Chaos Theory.
• Demonstrate proficiency in labelling waves using the standard labelling conventions set forth in Elliott Wave Theory.
• Be able to draw and label the basic bull and bear cycle, breaking it down to two lower degrees.
• Correctly label an impulsive wave structure without violating the rules.
• Correctly label an extended impulsive wave structure.
• List the four categories of corrective patterns.
• Correctly label a zigzag pattern.
• Identify a double or triple zigzag pattern.
• Correctly label a regular, expanded or running flat pattern.
• Identify and label a triangle pattern.
• Apply alternation guidelines for the likely development of a wave structure.
• Apply channeling guidelines for the likely extent of Wave 4 and Wave 5 movements.
• Apply ratio analysis for the likely length of a retracement.
• Apply ratio analysis for the expansion of wave structures.