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Trading Levels -

This 6-part video course is designed for stock trading.

TradingLevels uses the Fibonacci sequence as a price ratio, the out come of this points out the prices where corrections are likely to take place, in turn this tells you where to get in and where to take profit. You will learn a new way of looking at the markets trends and corrections, the Trading levels also fit into the Elliott wave patterns, in fact it will strengthen your Elliott wave understanding and trading. The TradingLevels will deliver you an in-depth understanding of support and resistance making your trading a lot easier to understand.

1. Major TradingLevels
2. Medium TradingLevels
3. Minor TradingLevels

TradingLevels for intraday trading Forex and Indices (using the TradingLevels to scalp the markets is a separate course)

4. Sublevels
5. Microlevels

The 6-part video course will show you the Price hierarchy of the Major, Medium and Minor TradingLevels and will also show you the types of patterns that occur at the TradingLevels, this is turn will teach you when to enter a trade and when to exit and where the stop should go.